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Welcome to Andreae Team, Inc., the original manufacturer of Andreae Filters.  With international distribution, the Andreae Filter is one of the leading spray booth overspray collectors for exhaust filtration systems on the market.  The unique design and working principle of the accordian-style, pleated, paper filter sets the Andreae Filter apart from mesh, polyester, or fiberglass exhaust filters.  Unlike other brands, no face-loading nor migration of particles occurs with the Andreae Filter, making it the preferred filter in liquid finishing systems.                          

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Serving the industry since 1963, Andreae Team, Inc. continues to research and develop new products to benefit the booth finisher.  It is our goal to provide quality products at an affordable price while maintaining the integrity of environmentally responsible practices.  With two locations to better serve world demand, our Team strives to deliver Andreae products in a timely manner, make available our technical expertise, and meet ever-growing environmental regulations with expeditious accommodation.

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